Saturday, 23 October 2010


hello all :)
i'm jh & fq's new 'friend' (i use the term loosely :P) - and they've been lovely and agreed to let me write on their amazing blog! so i suppose we should get a little acquanited first, so a bit about me;
  • i love fashion
  • i want to work at vogue
  • i love creative writing
  • i am an idealist
  • i play piano
i suppose that is enough for now, but there is plenty of time to know more.

i will try and write my first proper post sometime this week as i'm still geting to grips with blogspot :s


Sunday, 12 September 2010

new writer...

 myself and fq have recently developed social skills and made a new friend who you can call ac, she will also be writing on this blog as often as she can :) enjoy

jh x


kay - getting back into routine is always difficult but when its something you dislike as much as school then its never going to be fun, however when its something as great as writing a blog (:P) then im sure getting back into routine will be just fine. After a summer of relaxing, having nothing to do and going on holiday, the shock of having to do hmwk and having no spare time is pretty overwhelming on the other hand its not summer anymore - no more sticky sun cream, sweating or embarressing skimpy outfits anymore instead we get to wear more interesting stuff, drink hot drinks without having to eat an ice cube afterwards and actually sleep under thee covers. yh unlike most people i love autumn, like winter and spring and hate summer.partly cus the sun gives me headaches. but anyway autumn is here and so is the winter fall collection. 
new season = new clothes to die over, some of my favourites this season are :
miu miu :

burberry :

(at the bottom of the pic it gives you alternative views - click on number 4 - its my favourite)

(absolutely beautiful - again on alternative viws click 3)

(kay - ive given u my favourites but it will take forever to put links on for all the ones that i love so heres a link 4 u to just have a look at all of them :)

there are many others including chanel, christian dior, chloe, louis vuitton vanessa bruno and john galliano just to name a few.

jh  - x

Sunday, 11 July 2010

We look for ourselves, in others.

Don't we?

Just think about it. When your friend talks about something that you realise is the same for you, you just can't stop yourself from squealing, announcing "I do that too!"

And, when we meet people we don't immediately discuss our differences, we look for common ground - places of mutual interest.

We even, look to see if others share our same insecurities - so we don't feel alone.

When it comes to fashion, if I like something that someones wearing, I will always imagine myself in it first. That doesn't mean I don't like things I wouldn't personally wear because most of the time I still think they look great or incredibly creative - I just don't have that immediate 'wow, I love that' exclamation- it's more of a 'hmmm, nice!'

Although, I value uniqueness and having your own sense of style I can't stop myself to comparing others to me and comparing myself to others. It's just the way my brain works. I have realised, in the last two years, that JH and I are unbelievably similar and although I've only known her for a short while it's seems like I've known her forever. And maybe that is because we are so similar, that our views so rarely clash that we never see the need to fight and we can talk for hours on end without disagreeing about something.

But, at the same time I always say how I could never be friends with myself because I know my own weaknesses and bad points so well. And this makes me notice how JH doesn't actually share any of these bad points. I can be annoying, and I don't find her annoying. I can be bitchy, but she always moves away when she thinks a conversation is going to be bitchy.

Therefore, I think that looking for ourselves in others is a good thing - it's how we find the best friends.

- FQ x

Sunday, 4 July 2010

I don't know what the point of this is....

"First is the worst, second is the best."

The words of a deluded fool, in my opinion.
Or you could say, just a person stung by the undescriable feeling of second best, trying to find anyway to make their (better) opponent feel less pride in their achievement.

I'd rather be last, than second best.
But why? A merit must be better than a pass, right?
It's not a distinction - but it's still better.

That makes perfect sense. If you're one mark off a A, at least you can say "I was only one mark off a A" - you're only competing with yourself, it's only your mark.

But when you come second compared to someone else, it hurts. No matter how happy you are for that person, you'll naturally be envious, upset and would be questioning your own ability.

I know the feeling well, which is partly my own fault. After parent teacher evening this year, my parents have decided to help me more and to 'keep an eye on my work'. Well no, 'not keep an eye, exactly. It's just to help you'. Yeah. Because what every teacher said (bearing in mind the teachers they saw were from my worst subjects) was that 'I didn't apply myself'. Apparently, I'm pretty intelligent and have the ability to be top of the class. But I didn't seem to care, or want to strech myself.

One teacher even mentioned my best friend - Layla. "You know Layla Mayor? Her close friend? Yes? Well, she did better than Fizza because she revised and is always focused. Fizza has the natural ability to be a great linguist, she just doesn't care."

It's true. Layla does better than me in pretty much everything. I'm used to it now, but I guess it used to get to me a little. But, as she has said and everyone says to me, I have the ability to do as well as her - I just don't make the most of that.

But...what if I don't? I think ability and intelligence are different things. Yes, Layla has the intelligence to do well - but she also has the ability to apply herself, focus and revise. I on the other hand, find it hard to do all of those three things.

So maybe, I should just get used to second best. I basically am, by now. Even my little brother (two years younger) could do high school level maths much better than me (and my dad).

I don't feel there's any subject I really excel at. Maybe English, maybe Religious Studies, maybe History. But still - not really. Most people still do better than me. I like taking photos - but my friends are so much better at it. I like writing - but my friends are so much better at it. I like debating - but my friends are so much more informed and always, urm, 'own' me. I like music - but my friends know so much more about it and are so much better at it.

I like dressing up. I like fashion. But I'm not better at that than my friends, seeing as what's 'nice' when it comes to clothing is really in the eye of the beholder.

So yeah, I'm not really amazing at anything. I'm alright at a couple of things. I suck at a few things.

But I can live with that and I accept that. I don't mean to fish for compliments, and I don't mean to sound like I think I'm stupid - I don't. I just know that I haven't (yet) found my special talent or as I spoke about before ( my 'USP'.

Afterall, seeing as I hang out with such a talented bunch of people being second, or third, or fourth best is pretty much expected!

- FQ x

Saturday, 3 July 2010

mad money ...

when seeing a nice outfit or planning a night out but finding that you just dont have the money, what are you supposed to do ??? well the first answer would be raise the money but no one really wants to give money to a charity that only benefits one person, well, how that said person is dressed anyway. so thats out of the question but there is still the question of how are you going to get the money? Well, get a job. The only problem is, there are always restictions. For example selling avon cataogues - you must be 18, this applies for most non qualification jobs and there arent many, for most jobs you have to have qualifications anyway. Of course there is the typical washing cars and car boot sales but in all honesty that doesnt make a lot of money at all! So if you were planning a weekend away in london (hypothetically, of course *wink wink* ) then the twenty pounds that you raaise from washing cars really isnt going to get you far. The point is, many people are restricted from getting jobs because of age or ability or even gender which isnt fair because many people might need the money for things a lot more serious than a weekend in london. Yes, okay i know that we are just coming out of a recession and the credit crunch is still hitting people hard and dont get me wrong i do respect that, my own parents have been affected, but there is always a way of making a few a couple of hundred quid, if you are over 18 of course.
There are restrictions everywhere, for example fashion restricts what you can and cant wear. For example it just ISNT acceptable in the fashion worlds eyes to walk out the house wearing clothes from a few seasons ago but it is acceptable by fashion to come out wearing shorts that replace pants and a bra over your top - basically in underwear. Sometimes there aren't perhaps enough restrictions especially if no one but your nan says anything when a nicker-flashing-mini-skirt is worn, because basically its slutty, indecent and doesnt even look very good but the wearer will get away with it because its supposedly fashionable.

just a short post that came to mind walking down the street
 - jh xox

Sunday, 20 June 2010

You Need a U.S.P. + Friendship Politics

I know what you're thinking,
a what? 

It stands for 'unique selling point'.

Something that's different about you, that really stands out. 

This came up the other day, when talking to my brother about him simply HAVING to take up a hobbie. We've been trying for years, trust me. It's gone from trying to get him to play tennis, starting guitar lessons at school, forcing him into Judo classess and countless attempts at playing football outside of just kicking a ball about at breaktime.

All have failed, absolutely misarebly.

So sitting in a coffee shop, my sister and I tried to convince him to find his 'USP' as my sister called it.

"What's different about you? What stands out? What are people going to think, 'wow I wish I could do that!' about you?"

He protested. Apparently being amazing at 'COD' is an acceptable USP in his eyes.

In the end we decided on a street dancing group. I offered to go along with him, put my sister protested.

"This has be his thing Fizz, his USP."

So, it's all about being unique. Having something special about you. This is, ignoring the fact that thousands of young people across the country attend street dancing classes.

We couldn't say our USP was being able to create a tower out of matchsticks because although it may be unique it's "too unique." It's doesn't fit into being a 'USP', whereas playing tennis does.

New ideas for blog posts pop into my head everyday, there's something I feel I just have to write about. But, when I think about it almost a quarter of them are to do with individuality, but at the same time, fitting in.

Maybe it's because of how old I am. At thirteen, going on fourteen, it's almost what my life is about at the moment.

Although I want to be my own person, there's something stopping me. Partly, it's my friends and ridiculously, even more so, my peers. And because of this, I don't really know who I am yet.

I attend a relatively small secondary school, with 800+ pupils (this is not including the boys school, which would make the total 1500+) and although this is not massive it is by no means minute.

 I don't know over half the people than attend my school - possibly over three quarters. However, I'm still scared about coming across 'too weird' or 'too stupid' infront of them, even if I'm never going to talk to them.

Infront of my friends, however, I should be totally at peace with being myself - you say? Well, not really. JH is probably the only friend I have at this point in time I'm not scared saying stuff that others would pass of as 'gay' and can give her all my true opinions without considering I may come across as 'pushy' because she doesn't see (or chooses to ignore the faults in me) and I do the same back to her.

I should surrond myself with friends like that, but it's hard. Don't get my wrong, I love my current friendship group and while they're good for a laugh and we share secrets there are too many 'friendship politics' and I'm sick of it. Its all about saying the right things, or knowing when to give my point of view without upsetting someone, or even knowing what I should say my point of view is (even when I don't really think it).

But sometimes I get it wrong.

I'm thirteen, for gods sake. I'm not going to be perfect. I'll say things that sound stupid, my friends and I will have conflicting view points, I'll fight my point of view but the problem is one thing I say can be blown totally out of proportion - even by the best of friends.

I never know what to think, what to say and when to say it. What opinions are prejudiced and which are uncalled for. When I should mind my own business, and when I was wrong for not backing someone up. It seems that speaking your mind is not poltically correct.

Another problem, is that people want to be a 'name'. Year 7? Eurgh, that wannabe annoying girl. Year 8? Oh yeah, there's that girl with the orange skin and the one who said that horrible thing about the orange skin girl. Year 9? The one with the bleach blonde hair and her sidekick with the dark eyeliner. The list goes on.

It seems to me that everyone thinks they're 'different' and their friends are just 'so weird' which of course means no one is 'different', or 'weird'. I notice this most in the people with 'names', the 'popular' crowd. Because, as much as they say they are, they're not different in my eyes.

It's all about being individual, but at the same time being cool and fitting in. It's like being 'indie'. It's all about standing out, or really, blending in with all the other 'indie kids' out there.

They say the most unique people are the most well known, but I'd disagree. I'd say the girls who get 100% in every test, wear Gap hoodies and tracksuits to non-uniform day (just because it's more practical for doing lunchtime sports clubs) and are completely invisible are the most unique. But why?

Because they don't care. They are in no way mixed up with school/friendship politics, they are always happy and most of all comfortable in their own skin. They don't care about what other people think of them, and because of this people don't bother thinking - or saying - anything about them. They'll wear what they like and say what they like. They're not rude or pushy, simply children like children should be.

That's what I want, and I wish I could have. Envy, not jelously I'd call this - because I'm envious of their simple life but I'm not jealous because I know it wouldn't suit me. I'm grateful for the friends I have, because they're amazing people, but I'm not grateful for the way everything seems to be high school politics in my social circle.

JH isn't part of my 'social group' but she knows alot about it, so whenever I hang out with her, it's a relief. I can get away from the politics, or let out all my 'political worries' to her and she will just agree and understand.

I didn't know where this was going when I started writing it, I don't know where it's gone, and it probably sounds like a big fat mess. But I'm glad I wrote it, now it's off my chest.

- FQ x

Monday, 14 June 2010


This isn't going to be a long, meaningful post. Just a short note, really.

I'm rediscovering the beauty of jeans, in particular - skinny jeans.

I'll be honest, I've been neglecting the skinnies for a while. Before secondary school I rarely glanced at skirts and dresses and my favourite outfit was a long top with leggings or skinnies, but now all I ever seem to wear are skirts, sometimes dresses and occasionally shorts. Jeans never seem to come into the equation.

My black skinnies are a bit short now and a lot tighter, but that's okay. The tightness is was makes them skinnies jeans anyway, and although they are short just one roll at the bottom will make them cropped trousers which are extremely fashionable this summer.

I'm so glad I'm embracing skinnies once more. I thought they'd become overrated in everyone elses mind, which meant that I underrated them in mine.

But I get it now. I felt that skinnies didn't make a statement in the same way skirts and dresses did. I now know that it's not the clothes, it's the way you wear them.

So next time I go out with my friends, I'll be leaving my treasured dresses at home and rocking skinnies once more! :)

- FQ x

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Fashion, Style and Trends

Fashion and trends are two completely different things. fashion is following designers, getting looks straight off the caywalk and being on first name terms with the likes of henry holland,  vivien westwood and even having communicated beyond the grave to coco chanel. fashion is being perfect and being beautiful wearing the most insane colloections by top designers that no one else has the confidence or money to wear. fashion is being the 'it' person that everyone pretends to hate but is actually insanely jealous.

But trends, trends are not what designers make up, in fact they often evolve from the general public. being trendy is being popular, and looking cool in what you wear. However its not exciting and not different. A trend is something that everyone has and everyone wears, trendy is turning up on own clothes day in the same sort of thing as everyone else. Some recent trends that have been going around are things like a boyfriend cardigan.. they have never been seen on a catwalk, they have just appeared. Probably made by someone trying to make comfortable clothes popular. An example brand is Pauls Boutique - dont get me wrong, i adore Pauls Boutique and a PB bag used to be my must get thing, but then disaster happened. At first i noticed one or two around school which made me upset, it wasnt the same if others had them, but i was still determined to have one. Soon i was seeing them everywhere. Even girls as young as seven were following the trend and carting round a beautiful pauls boutique bag. I gave up, i didnt want one anymore, everyone had one and it wouldnt be new or exciting anymore. this is what a trend is, there were never any pb bags on the runways, it was a small boutique that the general public obsessed over and now half the country has one.

however style ...
style is something slightly different, it doesnt follow runways and it definately doesnt follow trends. Style is having your own personal quirk to how you look, looking amazing in what you wear because your style suits you perfectly. Style is being completely different but still looking incredible no matter what, even going as far as making your own clothes, just the way you want them. Its persnal and reflects who you are.

So which one is better? well one thing for sure is that trends are my worst nightmare. Looking the same as everyone else and not showing any personality you might as well be a robot. But there is still the question of whether fashion or style is better, the truth is they can be incorporated in one, which is the best way to look. This way you can take the fashion look and add a personal twist.

jh xoxox

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

What a day.

Wow, So this friday was one heck of a day!
Sorry I haven't posted for a while. It's my school holidays (finally, exams were exhausting) and I've been either busy or just chilling out.
Thursday night was great, as well. JH came back to my house after school (and our last day of exams!) and we held a mini fashion show in my room. Well, not show. More like throwing everything out of my cupboard and throwing it on. Let's just say, my mum was not impressed to walk into my room and...well, not be able to walk because the floor was covered in clothes.
JH and I had our outfits planned out PERFECTLY. Each one on hangers and because we were sharing some clothes and accesories (a necklace and a lace leotard) but when it came to the actual day we didn't always stick to the outfits we had decided on - but it went fine.
The actual photo-taking was so much fun! Yes, we've gathered over 200 pictures (haha, I know!) on two seperate cameras (so, some of them are the same thing - just taken on different cameras) at loads of different locations.

As promised, here are some of my favourite ones (and I'll tell you a little bit about where we took them :D)

JH (left) and me (right) in Starbucks!

Me in Starbucks
(eee, my legs in this picture! :|
oh well, it's the only one you can see my full outfit)

So, as you can see, my first outfit was a high waisted floral skirt, striped blue and white shirt white knee high grey socks. Oh, and a black hat that you will see popping up in some of the later pictures! Shoes were ankle boots with a tiny heel, which you'll see later too.

Sadly, I didn't get a close up of the necklace I was wearing (well, it was JH's, but still) and it was gorgeous! Unfortunately, my coffee frappicino blocks it from view in most of the starbucks pictures.

I also was wearing (but it got too hot) a slightly big denim jacket that is, suprisingly, my little brothers. But he never wears it (idiot :P).

Here's some pictures of my other friends in starbucks :)


Layla and Ella:

As we finished our drinks me and JH seized the oppotunity to change outfits (we were the only ones who had brought alternative clothes).

We rushed off to the toilets, and realised there was only one disabled toilet (it was pretty big though - so we shared) and it was unisex. It stank, for one.

JH swapped around the order she had planned for her outfits at this point, and I decided to mix mine up a bit. JH didn't change again the whole day, and I changed once nearing the end of the day (when she had left) but only from wearing shorts to a skirt.

After the relatively quick change (even though we were getting yelled at from outside the toilets) we left starbucks to look for more photo ops.

Our first stop was on a kind of...balcony? I don't know, it's hard to explain! Anyway, I'm only going to post full length pictures because there were quite a few of our faces!
(JH looking stunning, as usual!)

(greta! her bag is fitt!)

(Layla! Check out this outfit! Mmm, I could eat it up!
Wish I had a better shot of those shoes, they were epic - looked so chic with the outfit!)

(Ella! Red hair, ripped tights, cool kid trainers, topshop shorts - you can't really go wrong!)

Then we went to pose outside a church. Yes, slightly inappropriate - but the pics are pretty cool :D

(Me! Nice door, isn't it? So it's :
Retro sunglasses,
top cut by myself the night before with the aid of JH,
high waisted vintage Levi shorts,
diamond pattern tights,
brown leather ankles boots you kinda get a glimpse of,
black satchel and brown coat things.
Cute necklace you have to squint to see
Oh, coffee frappe.
And a primark bag (not even mine!))

So that's all of our outfits (except for my slight change) but I want to show you the car pictures on the graffitied road.

(Group photo, none of us look too attractive - but just look at the setting! Woah!)

(Me and JH, massive so you can see our outfits! This place is so cute! Amazing vintage shop, art gallery and studio, spray paint shop, vegan cafes, skateboarding, big fountain - it's got it all!)
(i'm on the far left, and this was my attempt of showing Layla and Ella two rather frumpy, cute items that they wouldn't pair together could look good. Not sure if I succeeded though!)

Last but not least, my final outfit that I wore in town, because I could show you so many other pictures but this is about the FASHION! :D

(my shoes! I have bambi legs when I wear them :') my bag broke, in the middle of a busy road, all my clothes fell out. I didn't know what to do, and Ella just took pictures! Everyone gave us weird looks, some laughed. It was pretty embarrasing!)

You thought this was my last outfit? Think again!
Afterwards, Ella and Layla came back to my house and we went out to the park. Here's what I wore :

(skirt I got from vintage shop that day, t-shirt from my sister from america, grey hat from god knows where!)

(My brothers denim jacket I was talking about earlier! The shoes are actually amazing; but they're my mums and she just WON'T let me wear them! And a yummy can of coke, it beats pepsi any day!)
So, I hope you enjoyed the pictures and my little recount of the day!
Sorry for not posting, been busy in the holidays, just getting back into the routine of school so I've found some time now to do this. Also, it takes forever to post pictures on here - it's a bit of a pain!
But, I've got ideas for things to write and have started to draft quite a few posts - so expect new ones soon!


- FQ x

Saturday, 29 May 2010

back to life

hey all, yh i know i havent been blogging over the last couple of days but its only cus ive been so busy. trust me, ever since thursday when i slept over at fqs i have not had any time to write anything. honestly, with the trip to town and going out all he time ive been exhausted.

On Friday i went to town with fq and a few others where we took some insanely amazing photos (below) and er got honked at a few times. i also got a vintage leather satchal from a cute little shop called urban village which is situated in the custard factory, at only 25 pounds its like a dream come true. And even better there is gonna be a vintage fair (with cupcakes) on saturday, sadly i cant go but i think fq can make it so why not just go along.

Vintage is such a statement. probably because its so much rarer than modern clothes but to pull it off you have t actually love it. Many people get vintage because they love the authenticity of it and they truly do worship the clothes which is entire;y neccessary because if you dont love your clthes (especially vintage) then you will honestly never wear it.

fashion in general is exactly the same, dont you find it annoying when you see something like a perfect pair of jeans and you fall in love with them but they are perhaps too expensive or they dont have your size and then you can never find it again. yeah thats annoying but you get over it and try and find another pair of jeans the same but cheaper. this is the mst irritating part because nothing lives up to the jeans you first saw. this is what falling in love with clothes means.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

steryotypes in extremity ....

25th may 2010 .... JH XOX


This is something thats bugging me for a while now. There is a certain amount of truth and reason to each steryotype but i have come to realise that although they do exist it is very rare that anyone fits a steryotype perfectly. It is way more common for people to live up to steryotypes and that is where the problems start. For example there is a difference between someone that likes a black top and thinks blackberry coloured lipstick suits them and someone that thinks 'right im a goth so i must get this black top and i have to have blackberry coloured lipstick'. The first person is not in a steryotype, they are just getting what they like. Just because they are wearing dark colours doesnt mean she has to be something; how do we know that she doesnt go to a knitting club or has a barbie themed room? The second person is making herself into a steryotype and its people like this that make steryotypes exist. This is when they will go home and paint their room black even if they do secretly love barbie, they wont express it because it doesnt fit with their steryotype. Personally, i buy things i like, things that will look good and things that express who i am. However i am still steryotyped by some as a 'blonde/bimbo' because i have blonde hair and i dont have much common sense but on the other hand i cant be a bimbo because they are stupid, and i am not stupid. I do actually get quite good grades. Others will call me a rock chick because that is my favourite kind of music, but then i will turn up in floral prints and pastel shades because i like them. The point is i dont live up to a steryotype which is why FQ cant put me in one.

When people say 'steryotypes' often people automatically think of the usual chav, emo, indie and scene sort of thing. However, im thinking of steryotypes that go a lot deeper, that cant be changed by a new outfit or new hair cut. These are the steryotypes that we need to tackle. For example the typical image of a woman is a small, dainty, beautiful person with long slender limbs and a perfect figure. No woman is perfect, but some cultures have taken this steryotype so far that women shoes dont go past the 'acceptable' size. Therefore if their feet grow bigger than the shoe, they cant buy bigger ones and they purposely brake their feet to fit the shoe and their feet end up looking deformed and hideous like this.

they are also keen on long necks. So much so that women have to wear rings around their neck to elongate and shapen them. What actually happens is that the necks are stretched so much and they become so dependant on the rings that the muscles weaken and they cant hold up the head which means that they have to keep the rings on anyway to keep control of their neck. All for the price of the perfect woman.

General Musings

I was musing (that’s right, musing) over the title of Jane Austen’s classic book “Sense and Sensibility.” I began to wonder, why it was named that and what the difference between “sense” and “sensibility” was.

From here my thoughts travelled to another one of Jane Austen’s classics, arguably the most famous one, “Pride and Prejudice.”

The sentence structure of the title was the same, but this one was much more explicit and understandable.

“Pride” is now both a negative and positive word, but in Austen’s time it basically meant someone who was very up themselves, or arrogant. While “Prejudice” means preconceptions and being judgemental.

So if the book was written now it would be called something along the lines of “Up yourself and Stereotypes.”

But with more and more celebrities (even the lovely Leighton Meester) being accused of acting too big for their boots and the noughties named by some the ‘Age of Self Labeling’ you could say this is true.

But then you get Cheryl Cole, who is stunning but finds it embarrassing and doesn’t understand what the hype about her looks is all about, and JH (the other writer of the blog) who is actually impossible to label! Trust me, I spent an hour trying today! I ended up with “you’re just a freak who doesn’t fit in anywhere.”

But okay, I’m going off topic. Back to “Sense and Sensibility.” By this point I had figured the title out. Sense and sensibility are closely linked, but at the same time quite different.

Seeing sense is seeing the right thing to do but being sensible is doing that thing. For example, if I saw someone lying on the ground, unconscious, I would have no idea what to do.

The sensible thing to do would be to find someone who did know what was going on, and while I would understand that (seeing sense) I probably wouldn’t actually be sensible and would instead run over to the person and try to do something myself before even contemplating finding someone else. That’s just the way my brain works.

So I flipped over the book, and read the blurb. The second paragraph of it caught my eye. It goes like this:

“Sense and Sensibility is a delightful comedy of manners in which the sisters Elinor and Marianne represent two qualities. Elinor’s character is one of Augastan detachment, while Mar=riane, a fervent disciple of the Romantic Age, learns to curb her passionate nature in the interests of survival.”

So yes, I am pretty unaware of what half of that is saying. “Augastan detachment” and “a fervent disciple of the Romantic Age” mean nothing to me, but I can make my own judgement.

And while making a judgement two, modern day, characters formed in my head. Although I have read this book, I cannot remember it particularly well and the sort of characters I imagine could be completely off, however along with their characters came, of course, their clothes.

Yes, you were wondering where I was going with this right? I didn’t even know myself, when I started writing it!

But here you go, here is my Elinor and Marianne :


She’s sensible, really. She’s intelligent and seems to be wiser than her years permit. She is almost the opposite of her sister, but at the same time almost the same, and they get on extremely well.

Elinor is stylish, but not fashionable. She always looks great, and to most people she probably seems the better dressed of the two, but she isn’t adventurous. Once you’ve seen one’ve seen them all. (Olivia Palermo as model J I adore her!)

So yeah, nothing too exciting here! But you’ve got to admit, she looks well put together (:

And then there’s :


The outgoing one, who isn’t scared to break boundaries. Well, she wasn’t, until recently. Now she’s starting the curb the more passionate side to her character, and it shows the most in the way she dresses. Her bleach blonde hair and quirky take on the seasons trends still manage to set her apart from the crowd slightly, but not in a sort of ‘stop and stare in astonishment’ type of thing she used to have going on.

They have their similarities. They like the sunglasses and the scarves, but they wear them differently. Elinor’s take on them is classy, more put together, and looks better quality. Marianne goes for cheaper looking items worn scruffily, but stylishly. And they like their brogues! Elinor opts for a plain brown pair while Marianne goes for a detailed version.

You can see they are similar, but you can see that they are different. Marianne is sense, Elinor is sensibility.

There’s something for you to think about.

- FQ

Sunday, 23 May 2010

its life .... deal with it.

xx jh xx may 23rd

I love makeup its amazing how you can completely transform the way you look through all the different techniques.Its like editing a picture or something. You can make your eyes bigger, cheek bones more defined, lips plumper, skin smoother and don't even get me started on the amount of different ways you can portray just one look. Makeup allows us to express our individuality by adding just that bit extra to the perfect outfit. We can make ourselves look however we want and a new look in makeup is no way near as expensive as a new outfit.

The one time it isn't so good is on stage. First of all its the amount you have to put on and trust me, its a lot. Secondly, when have it all on, it actually looks disgusting but its what i have to wear so i can be seen on stage. So you've got the mask of foundation that is ten shades darker than you actual skin tone, then some bright white eyeshadow on the bottom of the lid and a strong brown on the top of the lid, next its a ton of eyeliner and mascara, to highlight your eyes, then some bright pink blusher add some dark eyebrow pencil and finish it off with some bright red lipstick. beauty.

In all fairness though, i don't mind. Performing is what i love doing and if the makeup is what i have to go through then fine,ill do it. Basically my day hasn't really had anything to do with fashion because I've been at dance competitions. However some of the costumes that I've seen are so beautiful. I love how you can be anyone or anything because of a costume. Today i saw cats, dogs, bulls and a lion as well as a clown, lady gaga and even some Disney princesses, each costume giving the dance that extra special something.

lots of love jh xox
btw ... sorry its a day late ... my computer was all messed up yesterday.

Sounds like a plan! ;)

So this week I have exams :/ Which I’m not too excited about!

However, they only last 4 days, which means that Friday is a day off! So, to celebrate they end of exams, my friends (including JH) and I are going to the city centre. Usually, this means just browsing around the shops and getting some coffee, but we want to do something different this time!

So we are all going to bring along our nicest clothes, go to all the less explored areas of the city (little tea shops, alley ways covered in graffiti) and take pictures! We’ll probably browse some charity shops and this massive vintage warehouse first for some last minute outfits or accessories - but then it’s lights, camera, action!

We might even take some later because then we are having a movie marathon and camping in my friends garden! :)

As soon as the pictures are shot, uploaded and edited they’ll be posted on here so be on the lookout!

- FQ

(the picture's will probably be something like this! well, hopefully :P)

Essential Summer Outfit!

Click to enlarge!
I know what I'm saving up for ;)

Just Bliss...

such a beautiful day, perfect for getting tan and …. going to a communion ?

yes thats right. this morning at 7:00 i was up and getting dressed while the rest of the world was in bed. i didnt mind though, going to my lil sisters communion wasnt all that bad, i got to see an old friend and had all the excitement of analysing peoples outfits, i also got to introduce one of my best friends of all time to my family. my sister (below) looked stunning.

well i wore what i said id wear yesterday you now the whole rock n roll gone girly thing but i didnt have time to do my hair so the outfit wasnt complete. I still looked alright though, if you want to see then there are pictures below.i know its a bit short for church but i did wear shorts underneath and i felt good in it which is the most important thing, im also not very religious so it didnt bother me. I also had the most amazing shoes ever £40 from boginni ( but be warned, although they are stunning they are also high maintenance and aren’t for casual use. Overall most people weren’t dressed that nice but there was the occasional girl that loooked really good. After the cereomy i came home and had a bbq with my family, then fell asleep sun bathing. At the moment (5 : 30) im all red because unfortunately i cant tan.

Today I thought was not going to be related to fashion much but luckily for me, it was :) all because of my nan. Like most grandparents she spoils her grandkids but unlike most grandparents she has taste and a pretty decent sense of fashion. Today she got me this stunning bag which i will probably use for school for a week and then go back to my other bag cus i dont want it ruined. I also got some bright coloured lipstick (which im paying for) which was just amazing. If you think that when you are older you wont be able to be fashionable and expressive without trying to look young and ending up looking either trashy or ancient, then here is how to get it right. My nan has the most incredble short puprle hair and although it might sound tacky on paper, its not. The dark purple makes her look really classy AND cool.

The one thing i hate about myself is the fact that i CANT tan, and to stop myself getting burnt i have to wear ‘kids high factor 50 sun cream’. Dont get me wrong i think that most of the time pale skin looks classy and beautiful, its just in these summer months when its impossible to get that essential ‘healthy glow’ that pale skin stops being beautiful and starts making you look ill. As well as this it effects your social life because everyone around me is sitting in the sun at the moment and i can only spend a small amount of time in it unless i want to look like a lobster. sigh.

- JH x

Lace me with pearls?

The answer would be ‘yes, pretty please.’

Pearls are beautiful, and more importantly, timeless. This includes fake pearls, which the majority of the time, work just as a well as real pearls, for a quarter of the price!

For some reason, many of us still associate pearls to be very ‘1950s’ and much to put together and formal for a young person to wear. That couldn’t be more wrong.

For those of us who imagine plain beads strung tightly around the neck at the mention of ‘pearls’, I have found some of the nicest, and most chic, pearl accessories on offer to help you see see sense.

Four-strand faux-pearl necklace

Nice, don’t you think?

This necklace is the perfect way to keep the classiness of good old fashion pearls, but the three strands and short gold chain and clasp around the neck stop you from looking like you’ve been thrown back a couple of decades. I would pair this with an above the knee vintage style dress (probably made out of silk?) a blazer and quirky retro heels and a clutch bag for a formal look. It would look something like this:


For a more modern take on the jewellry, go for grey pearls, like these:

Chan Luu - Too Fabulous For Words Necklace (Grey Pearl) - Jewelry

The immense layering and dark colours give the necklace a very grunge edge. However, the distinct shape and colouring of pearls make it more classy and more importantly, more unique. I would team it with a very simple plain grey t-shirt/dress with white pattern tights and black pump heels. It would look like this:


So that’s necklaces for you. Now how about headwear? And I’m not just talking about plain pearl headbands…

Ms Fortuna Pearl Bunny Ears Headband, Benoit MissolinPatty Pearl Bow Headband, Benoit Missolin

Aha, they’re lovely aren’t they? I adore the way that the ears are a little wonky on both of them and the pearls make rabbit ears look cute and chic instead of tacky. The colours work perfectly, and wearing something like this you would be sure to make a statement. I’m not going to bother telling you what to team these with, because I think they’d look great with any outfit!
And last put not least, handbags! This one, is sure to catch your eye:

John Lewis Mother-Of-Pearl Evening Bag, Mother of Pearl

The different shaped pearls are stunning and work perfectly on the bag giving it a very quirky edge. This bag could be dressed up or down very easy. Just take the strap away and use as a clutch for formal wear, or sling it over your shoulder while wearing some vintage high waisted shorts, a brightly coloured t-shirt and brouges for a gorgeous everyday look.

I hope you now realise, that pearls are not just what they used to be and investing in some of these lovely accesories I’ve showed you would not be a bad idea at all…

- FQ

the abnormality of daily life...

Being at school is a fashion nightmare - the disgusting shirt, the unflattering skirt and the horrible frumpy jumper that makes even the skinniest people look 20 stone. Luckily for me though my school doesn’t have a tie or blazer but to compensate, the slightest shortening of skirt or the tiniest glimpse of a top underneath the shirt lands you in a heap of trouble, but worst of all is the fact that all the money spent on uniform stops us from having the money to buy fashionable clothes ; and the amount of time we spend in school uniform reduces the amount of time we can spend browsing stores and showing off our insanely awesome outfits.

There is a heaven however, summer is here in a few weeks and then we have 5 and a bit weeks in the holidays to show the true fashion goddesses we are. One of my favourite things this summer is the gorgeous satchel bag, because it will go with literally everything and also it wont break easily cus its leather! my outfit of the summer is gonna be a summer dress. Im thinking something quite quirky but really cute, in soft muted colours with a denim Gillette and a satchel probably with a straw trilby as well :) it will look something like this but im gonna loook around first to find the perfect summer dress.


I’m in a dilemma. My little sister is in a Catholic school and has her First Holy Communion tomorrow. It’s okay for her, at seven years old she looks like a doll in the most gorgeous dress ever which was made specifically for her, but poor little me has nothing to wear. I haven’t bought my summer stuff yet so i cant wear that, and it cant be too short because well, its in a church. I need it to be formal but still fun and noticeable and because it’s tomorrow i cant go out and get anything.

Ive opted for a sort of rock and roll gone girly outfit. a long black and white top (with shorts underneath). skin coloured tights and a black shrug. with either some black killer heels or flats (my friend wants me in flats so she won’t look small) and a floral beaded necklace and some pearl look bracelets. teamed with messy curled hair and nude makeup - i think im gonna look alright, well not bad anyhow.

lots of love JH x


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