Tuesday, 25 May 2010

steryotypes in extremity ....

25th may 2010 .... JH XOX


This is something thats bugging me for a while now. There is a certain amount of truth and reason to each steryotype but i have come to realise that although they do exist it is very rare that anyone fits a steryotype perfectly. It is way more common for people to live up to steryotypes and that is where the problems start. For example there is a difference between someone that likes a black top and thinks blackberry coloured lipstick suits them and someone that thinks 'right im a goth so i must get this black top and i have to have blackberry coloured lipstick'. The first person is not in a steryotype, they are just getting what they like. Just because they are wearing dark colours doesnt mean she has to be something; how do we know that she doesnt go to a knitting club or has a barbie themed room? The second person is making herself into a steryotype and its people like this that make steryotypes exist. This is when they will go home and paint their room black even if they do secretly love barbie, they wont express it because it doesnt fit with their steryotype. Personally, i buy things i like, things that will look good and things that express who i am. However i am still steryotyped by some as a 'blonde/bimbo' because i have blonde hair and i dont have much common sense but on the other hand i cant be a bimbo because they are stupid, and i am not stupid. I do actually get quite good grades. Others will call me a rock chick because that is my favourite kind of music, but then i will turn up in floral prints and pastel shades because i like them. The point is i dont live up to a steryotype which is why FQ cant put me in one.

When people say 'steryotypes' often people automatically think of the usual chav, emo, indie and scene sort of thing. However, im thinking of steryotypes that go a lot deeper, that cant be changed by a new outfit or new hair cut. These are the steryotypes that we need to tackle. For example the typical image of a woman is a small, dainty, beautiful person with long slender limbs and a perfect figure. No woman is perfect, but some cultures have taken this steryotype so far that women shoes dont go past the 'acceptable' size. Therefore if their feet grow bigger than the shoe, they cant buy bigger ones and they purposely brake their feet to fit the shoe and their feet end up looking deformed and hideous like this.

they are also keen on long necks. So much so that women have to wear rings around their neck to elongate and shapen them. What actually happens is that the necks are stretched so much and they become so dependant on the rings that the muscles weaken and they cant hold up the head which means that they have to keep the rings on anyway to keep control of their neck. All for the price of the perfect woman.

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  1. This is a very interesting post.You´re way of dressing up shouldn´t be dictated by what others perceive of you but should be based on what you feel like wearing and being comfortable with it. Nowadays,the concept of beauty is changing and so what might be considered as beautiful to someone may not be to another person.

    Have a lovely day ahead and thanks for passing by my blog! :)