Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lace me with pearls?

The answer would be ‘yes, pretty please.’

Pearls are beautiful, and more importantly, timeless. This includes fake pearls, which the majority of the time, work just as a well as real pearls, for a quarter of the price!

For some reason, many of us still associate pearls to be very ‘1950s’ and much to put together and formal for a young person to wear. That couldn’t be more wrong.

For those of us who imagine plain beads strung tightly around the neck at the mention of ‘pearls’, I have found some of the nicest, and most chic, pearl accessories on offer to help you see see sense.

Four-strand faux-pearl necklace

Nice, don’t you think?

This necklace is the perfect way to keep the classiness of good old fashion pearls, but the three strands and short gold chain and clasp around the neck stop you from looking like you’ve been thrown back a couple of decades. I would pair this with an above the knee vintage style dress (probably made out of silk?) a blazer and quirky retro heels and a clutch bag for a formal look. It would look something like this:


For a more modern take on the jewellry, go for grey pearls, like these:

Chan Luu - Too Fabulous For Words Necklace (Grey Pearl) - Jewelry

The immense layering and dark colours give the necklace a very grunge edge. However, the distinct shape and colouring of pearls make it more classy and more importantly, more unique. I would team it with a very simple plain grey t-shirt/dress with white pattern tights and black pump heels. It would look like this:


So that’s necklaces for you. Now how about headwear? And I’m not just talking about plain pearl headbands…

Ms Fortuna Pearl Bunny Ears Headband, Benoit MissolinPatty Pearl Bow Headband, Benoit Missolin

Aha, they’re lovely aren’t they? I adore the way that the ears are a little wonky on both of them and the pearls make rabbit ears look cute and chic instead of tacky. The colours work perfectly, and wearing something like this you would be sure to make a statement. I’m not going to bother telling you what to team these with, because I think they’d look great with any outfit!
And last put not least, handbags! This one, is sure to catch your eye:

John Lewis Mother-Of-Pearl Evening Bag, Mother of Pearl

The different shaped pearls are stunning and work perfectly on the bag giving it a very quirky edge. This bag could be dressed up or down very easy. Just take the strap away and use as a clutch for formal wear, or sling it over your shoulder while wearing some vintage high waisted shorts, a brightly coloured t-shirt and brouges for a gorgeous everyday look.

I hope you now realise, that pearls are not just what they used to be and investing in some of these lovely accesories I’ve showed you would not be a bad idea at all…

- FQ

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