Sunday, 23 May 2010

its life .... deal with it.

xx jh xx may 23rd

I love makeup its amazing how you can completely transform the way you look through all the different techniques.Its like editing a picture or something. You can make your eyes bigger, cheek bones more defined, lips plumper, skin smoother and don't even get me started on the amount of different ways you can portray just one look. Makeup allows us to express our individuality by adding just that bit extra to the perfect outfit. We can make ourselves look however we want and a new look in makeup is no way near as expensive as a new outfit.

The one time it isn't so good is on stage. First of all its the amount you have to put on and trust me, its a lot. Secondly, when have it all on, it actually looks disgusting but its what i have to wear so i can be seen on stage. So you've got the mask of foundation that is ten shades darker than you actual skin tone, then some bright white eyeshadow on the bottom of the lid and a strong brown on the top of the lid, next its a ton of eyeliner and mascara, to highlight your eyes, then some bright pink blusher add some dark eyebrow pencil and finish it off with some bright red lipstick. beauty.

In all fairness though, i don't mind. Performing is what i love doing and if the makeup is what i have to go through then fine,ill do it. Basically my day hasn't really had anything to do with fashion because I've been at dance competitions. However some of the costumes that I've seen are so beautiful. I love how you can be anyone or anything because of a costume. Today i saw cats, dogs, bulls and a lion as well as a clown, lady gaga and even some Disney princesses, each costume giving the dance that extra special something.

lots of love jh xox
btw ... sorry its a day late ... my computer was all messed up yesterday.

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