Sunday, 23 May 2010

Just Bliss...

such a beautiful day, perfect for getting tan and …. going to a communion ?

yes thats right. this morning at 7:00 i was up and getting dressed while the rest of the world was in bed. i didnt mind though, going to my lil sisters communion wasnt all that bad, i got to see an old friend and had all the excitement of analysing peoples outfits, i also got to introduce one of my best friends of all time to my family. my sister (below) looked stunning.

well i wore what i said id wear yesterday you now the whole rock n roll gone girly thing but i didnt have time to do my hair so the outfit wasnt complete. I still looked alright though, if you want to see then there are pictures below.i know its a bit short for church but i did wear shorts underneath and i felt good in it which is the most important thing, im also not very religious so it didnt bother me. I also had the most amazing shoes ever £40 from boginni ( but be warned, although they are stunning they are also high maintenance and aren’t for casual use. Overall most people weren’t dressed that nice but there was the occasional girl that loooked really good. After the cereomy i came home and had a bbq with my family, then fell asleep sun bathing. At the moment (5 : 30) im all red because unfortunately i cant tan.

Today I thought was not going to be related to fashion much but luckily for me, it was :) all because of my nan. Like most grandparents she spoils her grandkids but unlike most grandparents she has taste and a pretty decent sense of fashion. Today she got me this stunning bag which i will probably use for school for a week and then go back to my other bag cus i dont want it ruined. I also got some bright coloured lipstick (which im paying for) which was just amazing. If you think that when you are older you wont be able to be fashionable and expressive without trying to look young and ending up looking either trashy or ancient, then here is how to get it right. My nan has the most incredble short puprle hair and although it might sound tacky on paper, its not. The dark purple makes her look really classy AND cool.

The one thing i hate about myself is the fact that i CANT tan, and to stop myself getting burnt i have to wear ‘kids high factor 50 sun cream’. Dont get me wrong i think that most of the time pale skin looks classy and beautiful, its just in these summer months when its impossible to get that essential ‘healthy glow’ that pale skin stops being beautiful and starts making you look ill. As well as this it effects your social life because everyone around me is sitting in the sun at the moment and i can only spend a small amount of time in it unless i want to look like a lobster. sigh.

- JH x

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