Sunday, 23 May 2010

the abnormality of daily life...

Being at school is a fashion nightmare - the disgusting shirt, the unflattering skirt and the horrible frumpy jumper that makes even the skinniest people look 20 stone. Luckily for me though my school doesn’t have a tie or blazer but to compensate, the slightest shortening of skirt or the tiniest glimpse of a top underneath the shirt lands you in a heap of trouble, but worst of all is the fact that all the money spent on uniform stops us from having the money to buy fashionable clothes ; and the amount of time we spend in school uniform reduces the amount of time we can spend browsing stores and showing off our insanely awesome outfits.

There is a heaven however, summer is here in a few weeks and then we have 5 and a bit weeks in the holidays to show the true fashion goddesses we are. One of my favourite things this summer is the gorgeous satchel bag, because it will go with literally everything and also it wont break easily cus its leather! my outfit of the summer is gonna be a summer dress. Im thinking something quite quirky but really cute, in soft muted colours with a denim Gillette and a satchel probably with a straw trilby as well :) it will look something like this but im gonna loook around first to find the perfect summer dress.


I’m in a dilemma. My little sister is in a Catholic school and has her First Holy Communion tomorrow. It’s okay for her, at seven years old she looks like a doll in the most gorgeous dress ever which was made specifically for her, but poor little me has nothing to wear. I haven’t bought my summer stuff yet so i cant wear that, and it cant be too short because well, its in a church. I need it to be formal but still fun and noticeable and because it’s tomorrow i cant go out and get anything.

Ive opted for a sort of rock and roll gone girly outfit. a long black and white top (with shorts underneath). skin coloured tights and a black shrug. with either some black killer heels or flats (my friend wants me in flats so she won’t look small) and a floral beaded necklace and some pearl look bracelets. teamed with messy curled hair and nude makeup - i think im gonna look alright, well not bad anyhow.

lots of love JH x

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