Saturday, 29 May 2010

back to life

hey all, yh i know i havent been blogging over the last couple of days but its only cus ive been so busy. trust me, ever since thursday when i slept over at fqs i have not had any time to write anything. honestly, with the trip to town and going out all he time ive been exhausted.

On Friday i went to town with fq and a few others where we took some insanely amazing photos (below) and er got honked at a few times. i also got a vintage leather satchal from a cute little shop called urban village which is situated in the custard factory, at only 25 pounds its like a dream come true. And even better there is gonna be a vintage fair (with cupcakes) on saturday, sadly i cant go but i think fq can make it so why not just go along.

Vintage is such a statement. probably because its so much rarer than modern clothes but to pull it off you have t actually love it. Many people get vintage because they love the authenticity of it and they truly do worship the clothes which is entire;y neccessary because if you dont love your clthes (especially vintage) then you will honestly never wear it.

fashion in general is exactly the same, dont you find it annoying when you see something like a perfect pair of jeans and you fall in love with them but they are perhaps too expensive or they dont have your size and then you can never find it again. yeah thats annoying but you get over it and try and find another pair of jeans the same but cheaper. this is the mst irritating part because nothing lives up to the jeans you first saw. this is what falling in love with clothes means.

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