Tuesday, 8 June 2010

What a day.

Wow, So this friday was one heck of a day!
Sorry I haven't posted for a while. It's my school holidays (finally, exams were exhausting) and I've been either busy or just chilling out.
Thursday night was great, as well. JH came back to my house after school (and our last day of exams!) and we held a mini fashion show in my room. Well, not show. More like throwing everything out of my cupboard and throwing it on. Let's just say, my mum was not impressed to walk into my room and...well, not be able to walk because the floor was covered in clothes.
JH and I had our outfits planned out PERFECTLY. Each one on hangers and because we were sharing some clothes and accesories (a necklace and a lace leotard) but when it came to the actual day we didn't always stick to the outfits we had decided on - but it went fine.
The actual photo-taking was so much fun! Yes, we've gathered over 200 pictures (haha, I know!) on two seperate cameras (so, some of them are the same thing - just taken on different cameras) at loads of different locations.

As promised, here are some of my favourite ones (and I'll tell you a little bit about where we took them :D)

JH (left) and me (right) in Starbucks!

Me in Starbucks
(eee, my legs in this picture! :|
oh well, it's the only one you can see my full outfit)

So, as you can see, my first outfit was a high waisted floral skirt, striped blue and white shirt white knee high grey socks. Oh, and a black hat that you will see popping up in some of the later pictures! Shoes were ankle boots with a tiny heel, which you'll see later too.

Sadly, I didn't get a close up of the necklace I was wearing (well, it was JH's, but still) and it was gorgeous! Unfortunately, my coffee frappicino blocks it from view in most of the starbucks pictures.

I also was wearing (but it got too hot) a slightly big denim jacket that is, suprisingly, my little brothers. But he never wears it (idiot :P).

Here's some pictures of my other friends in starbucks :)


Layla and Ella:

As we finished our drinks me and JH seized the oppotunity to change outfits (we were the only ones who had brought alternative clothes).

We rushed off to the toilets, and realised there was only one disabled toilet (it was pretty big though - so we shared) and it was unisex. It stank, for one.

JH swapped around the order she had planned for her outfits at this point, and I decided to mix mine up a bit. JH didn't change again the whole day, and I changed once nearing the end of the day (when she had left) but only from wearing shorts to a skirt.

After the relatively quick change (even though we were getting yelled at from outside the toilets) we left starbucks to look for more photo ops.

Our first stop was on a kind of...balcony? I don't know, it's hard to explain! Anyway, I'm only going to post full length pictures because there were quite a few of our faces!
(JH looking stunning, as usual!)

(greta! her bag is fitt!)

(Layla! Check out this outfit! Mmm, I could eat it up!
Wish I had a better shot of those shoes, they were epic - looked so chic with the outfit!)

(Ella! Red hair, ripped tights, cool kid trainers, topshop shorts - you can't really go wrong!)

Then we went to pose outside a church. Yes, slightly inappropriate - but the pics are pretty cool :D

(Me! Nice door, isn't it? So it's :
Retro sunglasses,
top cut by myself the night before with the aid of JH,
high waisted vintage Levi shorts,
diamond pattern tights,
brown leather ankles boots you kinda get a glimpse of,
black satchel and brown coat things.
Cute necklace you have to squint to see
Oh, coffee frappe.
And a primark bag (not even mine!))

So that's all of our outfits (except for my slight change) but I want to show you the car pictures on the graffitied road.

(Group photo, none of us look too attractive - but just look at the setting! Woah!)

(Me and JH, massive so you can see our outfits! This place is so cute! Amazing vintage shop, art gallery and studio, spray paint shop, vegan cafes, skateboarding, big fountain - it's got it all!)
(i'm on the far left, and this was my attempt of showing Layla and Ella two rather frumpy, cute items that they wouldn't pair together could look good. Not sure if I succeeded though!)

Last but not least, my final outfit that I wore in town, because I could show you so many other pictures but this is about the FASHION! :D

(my shoes! I have bambi legs when I wear them :') my bag broke, in the middle of a busy road, all my clothes fell out. I didn't know what to do, and Ella just took pictures! Everyone gave us weird looks, some laughed. It was pretty embarrasing!)

You thought this was my last outfit? Think again!
Afterwards, Ella and Layla came back to my house and we went out to the park. Here's what I wore :

(skirt I got from vintage shop that day, t-shirt from my sister from america, grey hat from god knows where!)

(My brothers denim jacket I was talking about earlier! The shoes are actually amazing; but they're my mums and she just WON'T let me wear them! And a yummy can of coke, it beats pepsi any day!)
So, I hope you enjoyed the pictures and my little recount of the day!
Sorry for not posting, been busy in the holidays, just getting back into the routine of school so I've found some time now to do this. Also, it takes forever to post pictures on here - it's a bit of a pain!
But, I've got ideas for things to write and have started to draft quite a few posts - so expect new ones soon!


- FQ x


  1. It some great pictures :D I really like your idea when you first wrote about it on the blog, so it was pretty cool to see how it turned out.

    Oh, and it might have been embarrassing for you when your bag broke, but it turned out to be a great picture. And there are some pretty awesome outfits ;)

    By the way, what's that mall or whatever you went to (with vintage shop etc.) called? I'm going there soon, so I would love to check it out :)

  2. Aha, thankyou very much!
    Well, the place is called the 'custard factory' in Birmingham - it's lovely!
    You may also want to check out vintage shop 'Cow', which is on the way to the custard factory. It's not really a shop, more like a massive warehouse of vintage shizz - it's amazing! :D

  3. Can i just say that i love you blog + the title :)
    + btw, when you said that you cut your top, do you just cut it straight away ?, do you need to kind of, measure it or anything ?. im trying to cuszomize an old top and dont want to ruin it..
    and i also think i have the same purple skirt as JH ^_^

  4. Thankyou very much! :)
    Oh, well I tried it on and drew a little mark from the line I wanted to cut it at (I wanted it to be quite jagged) and then took it off and cut it. Then JH put it on and I used her as a mannequin and tweaked some stuff.
    Hope that helps!
    Aha, that skirt is actually mine, it's from a place called Cow in Birmingham :) It is a looovely skirt! :D
    Once again, thanks a lot :D

  5. Thanks for your tips. I adore vintage, but unfortunately there aren't a lot of good ones here in Denmark. Can't wait 'til I get there :D