Monday, 14 June 2010


This isn't going to be a long, meaningful post. Just a short note, really.

I'm rediscovering the beauty of jeans, in particular - skinny jeans.

I'll be honest, I've been neglecting the skinnies for a while. Before secondary school I rarely glanced at skirts and dresses and my favourite outfit was a long top with leggings or skinnies, but now all I ever seem to wear are skirts, sometimes dresses and occasionally shorts. Jeans never seem to come into the equation.

My black skinnies are a bit short now and a lot tighter, but that's okay. The tightness is was makes them skinnies jeans anyway, and although they are short just one roll at the bottom will make them cropped trousers which are extremely fashionable this summer.

I'm so glad I'm embracing skinnies once more. I thought they'd become overrated in everyone elses mind, which meant that I underrated them in mine.

But I get it now. I felt that skinnies didn't make a statement in the same way skirts and dresses did. I now know that it's not the clothes, it's the way you wear them.

So next time I go out with my friends, I'll be leaving my treasured dresses at home and rocking skinnies once more! :)

- FQ x

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  1. Oh, I love skinnies too. Actually what I mostly wear is jeans and leggins; I'm not good with dresses and especially not skirts. I wish I wore those some more, but I never do... Mm, maybe I'll try to do that some more this summer ;D