Sunday, 13 June 2010

Fashion, Style and Trends

Fashion and trends are two completely different things. fashion is following designers, getting looks straight off the caywalk and being on first name terms with the likes of henry holland,  vivien westwood and even having communicated beyond the grave to coco chanel. fashion is being perfect and being beautiful wearing the most insane colloections by top designers that no one else has the confidence or money to wear. fashion is being the 'it' person that everyone pretends to hate but is actually insanely jealous.

But trends, trends are not what designers make up, in fact they often evolve from the general public. being trendy is being popular, and looking cool in what you wear. However its not exciting and not different. A trend is something that everyone has and everyone wears, trendy is turning up on own clothes day in the same sort of thing as everyone else. Some recent trends that have been going around are things like a boyfriend cardigan.. they have never been seen on a catwalk, they have just appeared. Probably made by someone trying to make comfortable clothes popular. An example brand is Pauls Boutique - dont get me wrong, i adore Pauls Boutique and a PB bag used to be my must get thing, but then disaster happened. At first i noticed one or two around school which made me upset, it wasnt the same if others had them, but i was still determined to have one. Soon i was seeing them everywhere. Even girls as young as seven were following the trend and carting round a beautiful pauls boutique bag. I gave up, i didnt want one anymore, everyone had one and it wouldnt be new or exciting anymore. this is what a trend is, there were never any pb bags on the runways, it was a small boutique that the general public obsessed over and now half the country has one.

however style ...
style is something slightly different, it doesnt follow runways and it definately doesnt follow trends. Style is having your own personal quirk to how you look, looking amazing in what you wear because your style suits you perfectly. Style is being completely different but still looking incredible no matter what, even going as far as making your own clothes, just the way you want them. Its persnal and reflects who you are.

So which one is better? well one thing for sure is that trends are my worst nightmare. Looking the same as everyone else and not showing any personality you might as well be a robot. But there is still the question of whether fashion or style is better, the truth is they can be incorporated in one, which is the best way to look. This way you can take the fashion look and add a personal twist.

jh xoxox

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