Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sounds like a plan! ;)

So this week I have exams :/ Which I’m not too excited about!

However, they only last 4 days, which means that Friday is a day off! So, to celebrate they end of exams, my friends (including JH) and I are going to the city centre. Usually, this means just browsing around the shops and getting some coffee, but we want to do something different this time!

So we are all going to bring along our nicest clothes, go to all the less explored areas of the city (little tea shops, alley ways covered in graffiti) and take pictures! We’ll probably browse some charity shops and this massive vintage warehouse first for some last minute outfits or accessories - but then it’s lights, camera, action!

We might even take some later because then we are having a movie marathon and camping in my friends garden! :)

As soon as the pictures are shot, uploaded and edited they’ll be posted on here so be on the lookout!

- FQ

(the picture's will probably be something like this! well, hopefully :P)

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  1. Wow, that sounds so cool. Can't wait to see the pictures :D