Sunday, 11 July 2010

We look for ourselves, in others.

Don't we?

Just think about it. When your friend talks about something that you realise is the same for you, you just can't stop yourself from squealing, announcing "I do that too!"

And, when we meet people we don't immediately discuss our differences, we look for common ground - places of mutual interest.

We even, look to see if others share our same insecurities - so we don't feel alone.

When it comes to fashion, if I like something that someones wearing, I will always imagine myself in it first. That doesn't mean I don't like things I wouldn't personally wear because most of the time I still think they look great or incredibly creative - I just don't have that immediate 'wow, I love that' exclamation- it's more of a 'hmmm, nice!'

Although, I value uniqueness and having your own sense of style I can't stop myself to comparing others to me and comparing myself to others. It's just the way my brain works. I have realised, in the last two years, that JH and I are unbelievably similar and although I've only known her for a short while it's seems like I've known her forever. And maybe that is because we are so similar, that our views so rarely clash that we never see the need to fight and we can talk for hours on end without disagreeing about something.

But, at the same time I always say how I could never be friends with myself because I know my own weaknesses and bad points so well. And this makes me notice how JH doesn't actually share any of these bad points. I can be annoying, and I don't find her annoying. I can be bitchy, but she always moves away when she thinks a conversation is going to be bitchy.

Therefore, I think that looking for ourselves in others is a good thing - it's how we find the best friends.

- FQ x

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