Sunday, 12 September 2010


kay - getting back into routine is always difficult but when its something you dislike as much as school then its never going to be fun, however when its something as great as writing a blog (:P) then im sure getting back into routine will be just fine. After a summer of relaxing, having nothing to do and going on holiday, the shock of having to do hmwk and having no spare time is pretty overwhelming on the other hand its not summer anymore - no more sticky sun cream, sweating or embarressing skimpy outfits anymore instead we get to wear more interesting stuff, drink hot drinks without having to eat an ice cube afterwards and actually sleep under thee covers. yh unlike most people i love autumn, like winter and spring and hate summer.partly cus the sun gives me headaches. but anyway autumn is here and so is the winter fall collection. 
new season = new clothes to die over, some of my favourites this season are :
miu miu :

burberry :

(at the bottom of the pic it gives you alternative views - click on number 4 - its my favourite)

(absolutely beautiful - again on alternative viws click 3)

(kay - ive given u my favourites but it will take forever to put links on for all the ones that i love so heres a link 4 u to just have a look at all of them :)

there are many others including chanel, christian dior, chloe, louis vuitton vanessa bruno and john galliano just to name a few.

jh  - x

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